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I’m Feeling Philosophical Today

The reality of the speed of life struck me right away this morning. I glanced at the calendar and noticed we only have a month and a half of 2018 remaining. This type of realizations cause philosophical thoughts to cruise … Continue reading

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Existential Blues

The classroom was filled with college students for my lecture about existentialism. I felt their rapt attention to every word. Before the end of the talk, a freckle-faced young man wearing a knitted beanie interrupted my speech by asking if … Continue reading

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My pal Jorge took a sip from the coffee mug, sighed, then looked into my eyes. “Jay, are you as thirsty for accountability as I am?” I responded that indeed I was very much so. Jorge said that it looks … Continue reading

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Examining The Sky

We can all remember certain events that expanded our consciousness in some major way. For me, one of those was the very first time I looked through a powerful telescope at the night sky. A grade-school pal’s father’s hobby was … Continue reading

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Who Are You?

One of life’s greatest treasures is a friend who helps you understand yourself. He or she is a truly kind person who loves to sit with you in silence and sometimes likes to engage in mind expanding dialogue with you. … Continue reading

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When I see the word “cosmopolitan”, thoughts of modernity, cutting edge thinking, broad-minded compassion, and global inclusivity flood my mind. The look and sound of the word somehow seems contemporary and very smart. Of course cosmopolitan is a quite ancient … Continue reading

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The Three L’s

At the Target store the other day, I saw an end-cap, close-out display of wall decor. There was an entire shelf filled with “Live Laugh Love” plaques. I smiled at the rack of merchandise because the main purpose for my … Continue reading

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