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Some Vintage Night Slides

Yesterday was a stay in the house day because of unpleasant weather. While pondering the situation, I decided to go through another carousel of old slides. After all, I have a projector screen that I found on eBay from someone … Continue reading

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30 Year-Old Slides From New Mexico

The Nebraska weather has been so hot and muggy that I’ve kept myself indoors in order to stay happy and healthy. This means that some of my archiving tasks are receiving renewed attention and effort. That means the main job … Continue reading

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Some Slides From 1986

1986 started off with the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. The Rutan Voyager experimental aircraft made the world’s first non-stop flight around the globe without refueling. The Ronald Reagan presidency was mired in the Iran-Contra Affair. Mikhail Gorbachev signed major reforms … Continue reading

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