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Happy Arrr-gust

Are there any other violent criminals more romantically and favorably depicted as pirates?  It seems odd to celebrate armed robbery on the high seas. Piracy at sea is a violent crime that is classified as a capital offense by most nations. … Continue reading

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Thinking About Pirates

I heard the adlib by the sports announcer as he read the baseball scores earlier this week. After mentioning the result of the Pittsburgh Pirates game, he said, “Arrr, don’t forget it’s pirate month!” I laughed at the remark and … Continue reading

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Calico Jack And Company

If we ever attain fame or infamy, it’s due to the company we keep. This truism certainly applies to John Rackham, more popularly known as the English pirate “Calico Jack”. Calico Jack wasn’t nearly as notorious as his mentor Charles Vane, or more … Continue reading

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