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Generally speaking, we require several years of making mistakes on our way to gaining life experience and maturity. In the search for freedom and independence, it’s normal to make rash errors due to youthful impatient, reckless behavior and lack of … Continue reading

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Ducks In A Row

I’m not a conventional procrastinator. That is, I take care of routine tasks as soon as practicality allows. For example, I wash the mixing bowls and utensils while lunch is simmering on the range. I wash the dishes right after … Continue reading

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As I wound up one of my old wristwatches this morning, I could feel the tension building up in its mainspring. The long, flexible strip of metal provides all of the energy that powers the rotation of all the gears, … Continue reading

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During a typical personal morning coffee break, I like to mentally review any rough plans for the remainder of the day. The highest priority task gets the most focus. I review the step-by-step procedures that will be done so I … Continue reading

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Progress In Life

Yesterday’s “Progress Report” post got me to thinking about personal progress that millions of people strive for each day. Each of us have individual dreams and goals. We plan for our and our families’ comfort and safety. Some of us … Continue reading

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It’s easy to feel restless and frustrated when our plans for a successful project don’t materialize or when we’re denied what we want to have. At those times, it seems like we’ve lost a fair amount of personal power. Despite … Continue reading

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Like it or not, there are no frozen moments. Time flows on and so do we. So, how do we move through the world? Do we resist or do we do so gently? There is a common bit of pithy … Continue reading

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