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During a typical personal morning coffee break, I like to mentally review any rough plans for the remainder of the day. The highest priority task gets the most focus. I review the step-by-step procedures that will be done so I … Continue reading

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Contemplating The Future

Yesterday was a day designed for contemplation, so I went with the flow. Why not? There wasn’t an urgent deadline to meet. Isn’t Sunday supposed to be the day of rest? I leaned back in the desk chair and pondered … Continue reading

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During this early part of the new year, the feeling of pristine freshness is palpable. The proverbial clean slate is ready to be used to record our plans and deeds for the year ahead of us. This feeling is like … Continue reading

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Might Be Possible

“If you could do anything at all, and money was no object, what would you do tomorrow?” My young friend, Jonathan was pushing at┬ámy boundaries again. “I want to board a rocket and live on the International Space Station for … Continue reading

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To Manifest

It’s still springtime for us in the Northern Hemisphere. We think of this portion of the year as the time for new beginnings and fresh inspiration. Many construction projects and creative ventures are started in the spring. We might think … Continue reading

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