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I have not seen “Orange” the cat for several weeks, but there is another stray that has been investigating me since mid-April. The new cat is a white short-hair that reminds me of the Internet meme cat, “Smudge”. He prances … Continue reading

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Weedy Thoughts

Last summer, Chuck, the across the street neighbor, hired a lawn service to seed grass, fertilize his yard and kill the weeds. I think Chuck should insist upon a refund because the yard now looks haggard and decrepit. At least … Continue reading

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Dandelions Are Blooming

A new book about paper flower crafting explained how to make paper dandelion blooms. I smiled at the possible scenario of somebody who lives in a suburban home with a perfect “Scotts” lawn spending a few hours to create some … Continue reading

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This Is National Vegetarian Month

For some 48 years, I’ve endured the interrogation of well-meaning(?) relatives and friends about my vegetarian lifestyle. The questions ranged from the politely curious to outright hostile: How do you get your protein? Don’t you ever crave a nice juicy steak? How can … Continue reading

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