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Halcyon Days

Today is the beginning of the calendar period that is traditionally known as Halcyon Days. Halcyon is the name of a bird from ancient Greek legend associated with the kingfisher. There was the belief that the two weeks prior to … Continue reading

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Equinox Takes Place Tonight

The Two Equinoxes of each year are reminders of our precarious place in the Universe. More than the two solstices, Equinoxes remind us of balance. The word, equinox, has its roots in the ancient Latin word “aequus” for “equal”. In … Continue reading

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Lonesome Dreamer (Review)

I finally got around to reading the latest biography of the former poet laureate of Nebraska, Lonesome Dreamer: The Life of John G. Neihardt. The man was a noteworthy figure in Northeast Nebraska who grew up and worked for awhile … Continue reading

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The Road Not Taken (Review)

When you see a hardcover version of David Orr’s new book, right away, you notice the transparent dust cover.  The title, The Road Not Taken and the author’s name is printed in red. On the back, you’ll find an excerpt, … Continue reading

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A Few Nashy Tidbits

In contemporary American society, poetry is one of the least esteemed types of literature. Many of us only bother to read works from past poets because we’re required to take a poetry course in college.  It’s too bad that we … Continue reading

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Making Room For Rumi

The time had come for me to spiritually explore beyond the religion of my childhood. I first encountered the works of Rumi during my middle teens in the bloom of curiosity and eagerness to expand my mind. It was at the time I … Continue reading

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The Great Romantic, Wordsworth

Can you remember a time when you found yourself simply out in nature?  You didn’t give much thought to the experience, but you just let go and surrendered to the moment.  Perhaps, in a grove of trees, surrounded by the sound … Continue reading

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