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Blue Sky

During a stroll through the neighborhood, I was struck by the unusually rich blue tone of the sky. Was it due to less humidity in the air? Was the angle of the Sun a factor? Were there fewer pollutants swirling … Continue reading

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So Much Littering

It was time to take a breather from household chores, so I paused to look out the window towards the river. That’s when I saw the plastic bag caught on a tree branch, flapping in the breeze. It’s annoying to … Continue reading

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The Styrofoam Incident

The situation began logically as a result of severe weather late last month. We had one of those springtime Nebraska blizzards. A wet, “packy”, snowfall accompanied by 50-plus miles-an-hour north winds. At around noon, I peeked out the window to … Continue reading

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Keeping America More Beautiful

Now that spring has settled into Nebraska for awhile, we see trees budding, flowers blooming, and discarded beverage containers. In the winter, there are much fewer empty bottles and cans on the vacant lot next door. This is due to … Continue reading

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There Are Lots And Lots Of People

By the early 1970s I had already read Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb, had viewed a few documentaries relating to the carrying capacity of Earth, and had many discussions with friends and fellow students about the environment. I formulated several … Continue reading

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On World Oceans Day

I live just about as distant from any ocean as a person can live in the continental United States.  This is one reason why I treasure any opportunity to visit a sea shore.  Those very rare times when I can spend a … Continue reading

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This Is Keep America Beautiful Month

The day before yesterday I walked around my yard and the vacant property next door picking up litter. I found about  a bushel of the stuff. It consisted of beer cans, Mountain Dew cans, plastic Coke bottles, Burger King and … Continue reading

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