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Establishing Boundaries

I awaken each day and I’m not yet ready to become engaged in the world. This state of mind lasts a minute or two until the mind urges me to get up and begin the day. I feel the constraints … Continue reading

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Martyr Complex?

I’d like to see pop psychology focus less upon narcissism and more on other topics. It’s not that people don’t experience a lot of serious problems around the issue of narcissism–we do. My quibble with how it is addressed in … Continue reading

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Oppressively Positive?

With the plethora of chirpy feel-good slogans in the world, we are left with the implication that if only we think positively enough and act pro-actively enough the “Universe” will make our fondest wishes come true. We also encounter the contemporary … Continue reading

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The Narcissist Next Door

“Where do you place yourself on the sliding scale of egotism from shrinking wallflower to narcissist?” My friend Jorge really knows how to put me on the spot. I answered that it changes from day to day and even hour … Continue reading

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The Selfishness Of Others (Review)

I’ve been encountering a lot of buzz about narcissists lately.  The most numerous and obvious references are about Donald Trump.  However, this popular obsession about narcissism predates the Trump election by more than a few years. The current young generation … Continue reading

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