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Dull is an ideophone or a word that when spoken, sounds like what it means. This occurred to me this morning after awakening. I sat at the edge of the bed and still felt mentally out of it. The word … Continue reading

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Reflecting On Attitude

I suppose I could have created an easy post on this blog today by cutting and pasting a few feel good quotations about the value of maintaining a positive attitude. That’s not my style, in fact the easy way out … Continue reading

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Ten Four Good Buddy

I must be getting old, because of the amount of nostalgia that comes to mind when special days are mentioned. Today, in American style date numbering, is 10/4/2018 with the short version being 10/4. There is an unofficial holiday named … Continue reading

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“There’s quite a crowd here today enjoying the pure Americana of the game.” I heard beloved, long time broadcast play-by-play announcer, Duane Kuiper say that during a lull in the second inning while announcing the Giants game the other day. … Continue reading

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The Three L’s

At the Target store the other day, I saw an end-cap, close-out display of wall decor. There was an entire shelf filled with “Live Laugh Love” plaques. I smiled at the rack of merchandise because the main purpose for my … Continue reading

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LOOK September 10, 1940

A magazine from dad’s old stash is probably one of the most interesting periodicals I’ve ever held in my hands. The publication date is one year before the tragic attack on Pearl Harbor. The issue of LOOK is a glimpse … Continue reading

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