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Sort Of Optimistic

Is optimism one of those emotions that run on a spectrum? That is, does it run from mildly optimistic to bullish? Our optimism fluctuates from hour to hour and day to day. Most of the time, I tend to be … Continue reading

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Oppressively Positive?

With the plethora of chirpy feel-good slogans in the world, we are left with the implication that if only we think positively enough and act pro-actively enough the “Universe” will make our fondest wishes come true. We also encounter the contemporary … Continue reading

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A Positive Attitude?

People, in general, are attracted to the positive thinking movement because they see it as a tool to help them achieve a goal or to acquire something. This sort of motivation is all well and good. However, that is not … Continue reading

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See And Recognize

We’re never fully satisfied.  I don’t need to be a perfectionist to notice that the world is just not satisfactory.  The fact that the world and the universe is not perfect nor satisfactory does not make me unhappy.  That’s just … Continue reading

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