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Contemplating Kindness

During these highly polarized times, misunderstandings can quickly escalate into dramatic disputes. Being disrespectful and mean are not only considered OK, such attitudes are encouraged by high-ranking officials, celebrities, and even some clergy. Hostility and unkindness can quickly infect cultures … Continue reading

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The half-mature squirrel leap-frogged across a patch of the yard yesterday as it grazed for food. Her nonchalant manner of leaping, grasping a morsel, sitting on her hindquarters, and consuming the food increased my happy mood yesterday. The little rodent … Continue reading

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Say Something Nice Day

Has anyone told you that you have great taste in selecting blogs to read? Well, evidently you do, you’re perusing this page right now. I hope that sincere compliment gave you a warm fuzzy or two. It felt good writing … Continue reading

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That Green-eyed Monster

During one of our heart to heart talks, my first lover told me that I was too possessive. Early in our relationship, he found my jealousy somewhat charming, but later on, my jealousy began to feel stifling. I listened and … Continue reading

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No Discouraging Words

Earlier this week, the weather conditions were warmer than normal, the wind speed was low, and the sky was mostly clear. This put me in the frame of mind to enjoy a stroll on the “Cowboy Trail” southwest of Norfolk. … Continue reading

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The Bright Side

Ancient Rome’s Philosopher Emperor, Marcus Aurelius wrote, “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” It’s hard to come up with such positive, sage advice such as the above quotation. I want the … Continue reading

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What’s OK About You?

Yesterday my boyfriend leaned back on the sofa and began listing some of the things he likes about me. While, I’m not a humble braggart nor do I fish for compliments, it was very pleasant to hear his positive opinions … Continue reading

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