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For The International Day Of Happiness 2022

My friend Jonathan wondered aloud if Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un have found happiness. Outwardly, they seem to be pleased with themselves. They are the masters of millions of people because they are the most powerful men in their respective … Continue reading

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Having It All

There are some infomercials on the Internet produced by an over-enthusiastic man that trigger me to click the “skip” button on YouTube. These are ten minutes or longer which makes the commercial longer than the music video or vlog post … Continue reading

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Old Stuff And Me

Stories about antique fortune-finds usually begin these days by citing episodes of “Antiques Roadshow”. Some lucky treasure hunter ends up discovering an old painting or knick knack worth a million dollars. Who could resist dreaming about becoming rich overnight in … Continue reading

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All Is Ours

You can say that you own something, but, it will end up owning you instead. I was a high school sophomore when I first heard something to that effect.  Many years earlier, during a discussion about “deep matters”, my best … Continue reading

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