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As I wound up one of my old wristwatches this morning, I could feel the tension building up in its mainspring. The long, flexible strip of metal provides all of the energy that powers the rotation of all the gears, … Continue reading

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Accepting Oneself

I struggled to put on and tie a pair of shoes this morning. The shoes are black, fabric sneakers that have unreinforced tongues without midway anchor points for laces to go through to keep the tongues from dropping into the … Continue reading

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While skimming through my “newsfeed” on Facebook yesterday, I stopped at an idealized image of a waterfall. As is the case with pictures of this sort, there was an inspirational quote.  This one was attributed to James T. McCay. “No … Continue reading

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Thinking About Potential

Ever since its upgrade ten years ago, my old Kinetic wristwatch requires more physical motion to recharge.  Seiko originally manufactured the thing with a slow discharge capacitor to store the electricity needed to run the watch.  I was later advised … Continue reading

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