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Executive Order 8802

For people and groups who feel an aching need for basic civil rights protections, legal action on these matters takes an excruciating, frustrating long time. Civil rights, specifically fair employment practices, are still wedge issues in today’s political debate. From … Continue reading

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Bias Motivated Crime

While enjoying a vanilla malt at the local Dairy Queen yesterday, I couldn’t help but overhear a heated quarrel between two college age young women about hate crime laws in America.  The argument made me wonder if anti-bias laws are … Continue reading

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Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week

It is the sincere drive of brotherhood and sisterhood that makes being a human being so joyful and beautiful. In my opinion, the feelings we have of being related to each other are instinctive. We are taught to be wary … Continue reading

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Everybody Hurts

Jorge called for me to come into the kitchen for breakfast.  On the table were two large, steaming bowls of “Coco Wheats” cereal. I laughed and said I hadn’t enjoyed it since I was a little boy.  Jorge winked and said I … Continue reading

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I love history for a variety of reasons.  One of those that I rarely discuss is that so many of the accounts of human history reveals such vast amounts of stupidity.  I do my best to keep contempt and misanthropy … Continue reading

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Blind Spot (review)

I love a good challenge to my preconceived beliefs now and then.  So, when I stumbled upon the new book by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald, I just had to check it out. Their book Blind Spot: Hidden … Continue reading

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We think of our place in the universe and the solar system, in particular, as quite stable and reliable.  We assume that the sun will rise again tomorrow and that our planet will be pretty much the same.  At least … Continue reading

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