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Original Views

“When problem solving, take a look at the situation from different angles and perspectives. Don’t try to please me with something you think I might like. I didn’t hire you to be a rubber stamp.” I’m paraphrasing Hod, one of … Continue reading

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Today is 9/20/20 as written out in the U.S. date abbreviation format. The 20/20 immediately stands out in my mind and I shudder at the reminder about this being the year 2020. This has been a nightmare of a year … Continue reading

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There is plenty for us to do in order to restore some sense of harmony in our public lives. The ongoing problems associated with Covid 19 will continue for quite some time. We also have had to deal with the … Continue reading

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Verbal Neglect

When a word is overused it loses its power. Unfortunately one of the most overused words today is “abuse”. This is not to say that abuse is not a problem. Acts of abuse are far too common in our world. … Continue reading

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Creative Maladjustment

Have you ever engaged in a heated quarrel with someone who seemed to disagree with every example you put forward and disavowed all the anecdotal evidence you presented? In turn, did you also find her clever examples and evidence appear¬†inaccurate? … Continue reading

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While skimming through my “newsfeed” on Facebook yesterday, I stopped at an idealized image of a waterfall. As is the case with pictures of this sort, there was an inspirational quote.¬† This one was attributed to James T. McCay. “No … Continue reading

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Rebuild Your Life Month

It might seem strange to promote a commemorative month on its last day. Originally, I was just going to skip this topic altogether, because personal reflections often find themselves as a part of bluejayblog. I’m touching on the topic of … Continue reading

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