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National Procrastination Week 2023

I waited beyond the last minute to start today’s post. I had intended to write this yesterday morning so as to get National Procrastination Week underway as a warning to fellow procrastinators. However, I wanted to work on a letter … Continue reading

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Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve

Anyone who has studied or read about historical events has probably pondered the “what ifs” regarding the major players. There were people who could have done something to alter the outcome. Those people should have done something to change the … Continue reading

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Ducks In A Row

I’m not a conventional procrastinator. That is, I take care of routine tasks as soon as practicality allows. For example, I wash the mixing bowls and utensils while lunch is simmering on the range. I wash the dishes right after … Continue reading

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Expiration Dates

One popular saying that often grinds my gears is: “It’s never too late.” The fact is, generalizations are often misleading and inaccurate. There are expiration dates regarding many activities and occupations that people yearn to undertake. For example, one of … Continue reading

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The Junk Drawer

This is a quick, throw-away post. It was triggered by a tiny square piece of plastic. To be exact–a small piece of grey trim that was manufactured to cosmetically cover the Phillips screw head that retains the interior latch release … Continue reading

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Mental Busywork

I once worked at a small town grocery store. The work atmosphere was mostly pleasant and I liked my coworkers and the customers immensely. The single most unpleasant part of the job happened during slow business days. We had to … Continue reading

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Too Late

It’s never too late to ______. Fill in the blank with nearly any topic and you will supposedly increase your level of motivation. The phrase is the stuff of Internet memes. It is an example of sweeping generalizations. The facts … Continue reading

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