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One of the practices I idealized at a young age and have continually tried to nurture relates to social progress. That is: a person cannot seek improvement only for oneself and forget about encouraging it in my community and elsewhere. … Continue reading

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The sky was overcast with thin, almost white stratus clouds. This helped to create a bland weather condition. It was not cheerful nor gloomy. It just made the day seem blah. It provided a setting for Max’s funeral that he would … Continue reading

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Progress In Life

Yesterday’s “Progress Report” post got me to thinking about personal progress that millions of people strive for each day. Each of us have individual dreams and goals. We plan for our and our families’ comfort and safety. Some of us … Continue reading

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Making Progress

“Could a perfectionist could ever make it to Heaven?” Jonathan startled me with this question that came out of the blue. I asked what he meant by the question. “Well, if the Judeo-Christian concept of Heaven is absolute, infinite perfection, a … Continue reading

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Jorge flashed me one of his infectious smiles as I greeted him at the door.  It had been about a month since we had seen each other, so we had plenty of catching up to do. During the past year, … Continue reading

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Change And Conflict

Someday perhaps,  someone will amend Heraclitus’ old saying “The only thing that is constant is change.” Maybe I’ll just update it myself. “The only things that are constant are change and conflict over change.” Robert Kennedy said it better, Progress is a nice … Continue reading

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Thinking About Comfort Zones

The first time I ever saw the phrase “Comfort Zone” was on the old thermostat for the furnace in my old apartment. Since then, I usually first associate “Comfort Zone” with heating and air conditioning and not the way it … Continue reading

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