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I must admit that I did not know the definition of the word “boundaries” until four years ago. Of course, I knew about geographical boundaries such as those between nations and states. I also understood the boundaries as the limitations … Continue reading

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I had originally planned to write about auto insurance for today’s blog post, but I shelved that idea in favor of another topic. This is just as or more important than insuring your vehicle. There is a different, older type … Continue reading

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It’s a shame to limit our vocabulary as much as we have in contemporary society. In doing so, we have discarded the rich variety of words that enhance our messages to each other. Our statements lose their impact when we … Continue reading

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The Psychopath Whisperer (Review)

Normally, I would have passed the book by with barely any acknowledgement of it. During my regular visit to the Norfolk  (Nebraska) Public Library, the yellow spine of the book caught my eye. With curious trepidation, I slipped The Psychopath Whisperer–The Science … Continue reading

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