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Purples …Floral Friday

Among the array of colors, purple is possibly the most interesting hue. It can indicate humor as in “The Purple People Eater”. Conversely, it denotes dignified royalty. It is a relatively rare color in nature. Purple appears from time to … Continue reading

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Handling Purples …Floral Friday

Technically speaking, purples should be considered as the representation of moderation or medium.  Purple is the blend of the hot color red and the cold color blue.  However, instead of middling, we get an intriguing, mysterious color. Purple is somewhat … Continue reading

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Wear Purple For Peace Day

Purple is one of the most culturally interesting colors of the rainbow.  In the west, purple represents royalty and spirituality.  At one time, regular citizens were prohibited from wearing the color, only high ranking religious and political leaders could legally … Continue reading

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