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Noticing Life

A couple of fellow bloggers published posts about boredom last month. Their reflections interested me because I have mixed feelings about the subject. In fact, I wrote something about it in 2011 and again in 2014. My basic takeaway was … Continue reading

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A Life Of Quality

There is a considerable amount of resentment among people in the United States, Canada, and much of the West that their children will not experience a better quality of life and a more optimistic future than they have. Along with … Continue reading

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Nebraska… The Good Life

When I moved back to Nebraska after several years living elsewhere, I scoffed at the highway signs at the borders proclaiming “Nebraska… The Good Life”. On the face of it, a lot of people think this flyover state is mediocre, … Continue reading

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The Good Life

One of my acquaintances collects jewelry, really fine quality jewelry. Her hobby is one that can only be pursued by people of comfortable means. Her husband inherited great wealth and she sells real estate. By any common standard the couple … Continue reading

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Quality Of Life

I had just finished the morning meditation.  It was time to sip some coffee and allow the openness of mind to continue a few minutes longer.  At times like these, the fact of the interconnectedness of everything may sometimes enter my … Continue reading

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