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The Hugging Has Been Canceled

It’s been a couple of months shy of a year since the pandemic abridged many of our personal and social niceties. One of those that I greatly miss is hugging my friends. I’m a very tactile person. I like to … Continue reading

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Observing Conflict

The two grey, stray tabby cats are licking some sort of substance off of the street. Perhaps it is spilled flavored coffee or food that had been dropped by one of my neighbors’ visitors. There is one young couple in … Continue reading

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Buttons Have Been Pushed

Savoir-faire has gone out of fashion lately. I think savoir-faire is an elegantly beautiful skill that belongs in everyone’s social toolkit. Savoir-faire is knowing what to do and what to say in any situation. A synonym for savoir-faire is “tact”. … Continue reading

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