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Something About Jane Addams

One of the best things about combing through and culling your own archives is stumbling across books that inspired some aspect of your life. One book that was buried in my brass trunk was Jane Addams and Social Reform: A … Continue reading

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Stressed Out

Jorge complained that he’s been feeling stressed out more often this year than ever before. Although he’s been practicing stress reduction techniques and meditating more, the anxious feelings continue. Just as he gets his emotions under control, something happens to … Continue reading

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An End To Racism And Discrimination Is Possible

The American Anthropological Association’s statement on race says, “Physical variations in the human species have no meaning except the social ones that humans put on them.” I say we’ve put some real doozies on the variations. Skin color, hair, and … Continue reading

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White Rage (Review)

The subjects of civil rights and civil liberties are greatly important and interesting to me.  So, when I saw Carol Anderson’s book on the shelf, I knew it was coming home with me before I even picked it up.  I … Continue reading

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Bias Motivated Crime

While enjoying a vanilla malt at the local Dairy Queen yesterday, I couldn’t help but overhear a heated quarrel between two college age young women about hate crime laws in America.  The argument made me wonder if anti-bias laws are … Continue reading

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August Doldrums

A couple of days ago, Jorge stopped by for one of his impromptu visits.  Since the weather was hot and muggy, we sipped tall glasses of ice tea instead of our usual coffees.  My pal said he was feeling listless … Continue reading

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Such Cruelty

It’s a very rare individual who has not been the target or witness of cruelty. This evil act and state of mind has infected human relationships since time immemorial. Our history, literature, psychology, and human relationships have dealt with it … Continue reading

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