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On Radio Day

One day, long ago, a fellow media arts student once quipped that I had a good face for radio. I didn’t know if I’d been complimented or broadsided, so I responded with a smile. My chosen profession did not require … Continue reading

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World Radio Day 2022

Longtime, regular readers of this blog know that the media is in my mental DNA. Radio broadcasting, in particular has provided me with many memorable experiences and acquaintances. On a more practical level, radio provided me with nearly all of … Continue reading

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Triggered By The Carts

Thursday, I wrote about losing sleep due to memories about my last broadcasting job. I attribute the rediscovery of a stack of five carts to what amounts as an extended flashback. As mentioned in Thursday’s post, “cart” is the industry … Continue reading

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Good Radio People

I awakened quite early in the wee hours of the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I got out of bed and started writing this post. The mind was active recalling the minutia of a typical shift at … Continue reading

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Toot Your Own Horn

One of my first bosses in broadcasting was the owner, general manager, and head salesman of the company. He loved self-promotion. It seemed like Gary (not his actual name) engaged in it at every opportunity at least every day. I … Continue reading

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Listening To The Radio Again

As I write this sentence, I’m hearing Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Dubinushka, Opus 62” as it fades in and out, interspersed with crystal clarity and near absence with static. The station is broadcasting at the shortwave frequency of approximately 17560 KHz. I have … Continue reading

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So Much Hurrying

The clinic appointment was 11:00 AM on the opposite part of town. I left home early because these days I do not like to hurry. Halfway to the destination, a slow-moving freight train approached the street crossing and the warning … Continue reading

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