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New Old Stock

I settled into the easy-chair, took a couple of slow, deep breaths. Then I reached over to the old portable cassette tape recorder and pressed “Play”. Instantly, a loud, mid-range tone blasted out of the recorder’s speaker. This was alarming … Continue reading

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Longevity And The Old LED Clock

Yesterday morning I leaned back in the desk chair to reflexively stretch in place. The glowing numeric display of the wall clock caught my eye. The Radio Shack “Micronta” clock has kept time while hanging on the same wall since … Continue reading

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Pondering Batteries

During the last Arctic cold wave, the outdoor sensor for the weather monitor on my desk died. After the 60-miles-an-hour winds subsided, I disconnected the sensor from the outdoor mounting bracket and brought it inside the house. After cleaning dust, … Continue reading

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