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Give Something Nice Away

Boyfriend’s birthday will be next week so I need to figure out what to give Karl to help celebrate. He’s fairly well-off, so he does not have a wish-list. There are a couple of items that he likes that are … Continue reading

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There is plenty for us to do in order to restore some sense of harmony in our public lives. The ongoing problems associated with Covid 19 will continue for quite some time. We also have had to deal with the … Continue reading

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Apologies offered and received timely and sincerely are vital ingredients in relationships. Without the process of apology, hurts and trespasses fester and can manifest as hatred, resentment, and revenge. Apologies given and received enable rapprochement. Rapprochement is especially important in … Continue reading

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To Reconcile

I once heard a  motivational speaker say something like this:  “Some people harbor so many grudges that their horizons are overlapped by their hair.”  As we build and expand our relationships we encounter friction and disagreements.  If we cannot get … Continue reading

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