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Earth Day Recycling …Floral Friday

In the spirit of Earth Day conservation, I decided to revamp and reuse a few vases for today. Keeping conservation further in mind, the faux flowers have been dusted and rinsed to restore and cleanse them. The tall, grey, mid-century, … Continue reading

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Another Look Unlimited Day

According to many accounts, the world’s recycling system is broken. We had been led to believe that plastics, metals, paper, clothing and so on are being recycled into the supply chain of industry. While there are some honest efforts by … Continue reading

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More Repurposing …Floral Friday

Continuing in the vein of a set of repurposing projects from early last month, I decided to try three more for this month. What triggered the idea was that the particular candle holder that was converted into a cactus holder … Continue reading

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Repurposed …Floral Friday

Today’s projects are the result of wild hairs on the brain. The inspiration came about after replacing a light fixture globe that I was very tired of seeing. It seemed like the glass part should be used for something before … Continue reading

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Salvaged …Floral Friday

The end of the month is near, that means tidying up, and consolidation of stuff. This month I decided to go through some pottery that has seen better days. Could they be used again or would I donate or discard … Continue reading

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Reuse Day

It’s been a busy year of going places, enjoying activities, and accumulating stuff. Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about what to do about the extra stuff. I’m all about … Continue reading

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Goodwill Industries Week

Like most folks, I like a good bargain. Plus, I like recycling stuff. Those are reasons I donate to and shop at thrift stores. In Norfolk, Nebraska, the one I like best is the Goodwill Store. The brand name is … Continue reading

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