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Kiss A Ginger Today

I received the most Novocaine I’ve ever needed. One day, last July I had been scheduled for a molar extraction at the dental clinic. The dentist brought out the dreaded long-needle syringe and injected the pain-numbing drug into the gum … Continue reading

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Kiss A Ginger Day 2022

Today is a red-letter day that brings a grin to red-heads who celebrate it–Kiss a Ginger Day. I have no clue as to why January twelfth was chosen–perhaps it was simply out of ginger-serendipity. If it was up to me, … Continue reading

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Kiss A Ginger Day

I stepped outside at about a quarter-til-four this early morning to see if Orange the cat would show up as he usually does. I didn’t have to wait because he was already perched on my doorstep. I sat on the … Continue reading

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Big Red

Right off the bat, this post is not about the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers nor their red team colors. It is not about the ubiquitous team cheer, “Go Big Red”. Big Red is the nick name given to me by … Continue reading

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Social Injustice And Me

The desire for fairness and justice appear to be an inborn quality of human beings and many other animals. We want benefits and punishments to be meted out fairly. When a small child is reprimanded for an action he did … Continue reading

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The most severe case of sunburn I ever suffered came about during playful swimming in the Arabian Sea. Some friends and I spent a day at a semi-deserted beach north of Mumbai, India. Apparently the sea water dissolved the SPF … Continue reading

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Kiss A Ginger

“Ginger Kids”, the 136th episode of Comedy Central’s “South Park” cartoon series aired on November 9, 2005. The writers and producers of the episode apparently did not realize that many people do not understand the concept of irony. In their … Continue reading

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