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On Friendship

There are a few topics about which it’s OK to be saccharine. Sweet, sentimental words can apply to friendship because there is an element of romance in these relationships. When we look through the literature that regards friendship we often … Continue reading

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It seems that plenty of folks deal with the existential fear of abandonment to some extent. I base this statement upon the anecdotal evidence of conversations I’ve had with acquaintances, friends, and other loved ones. In too many instances their … Continue reading

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Settling For The Unacceptable

Whenever we settle for the mundane or the unacceptable, our inner light dims a little more. If we are not narcissistic, it turns out that we’re better than we realize. If we fully understood this, we probably would never settle for anything … Continue reading

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Contemplating Love

Life feels better when we’re in love with someone. There’s a sublime joy and pleasure when gazing at the person we love. The whole of life seems enhanced when love washes over us. We want only the best for the … Continue reading

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Living life on “auto-pilot” can result in a gradual misalignment of our actions from our personal values. A person may realize that she is not being true to herself because she has been allowing others or society to determine what … Continue reading

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Scream Out Of Frustration

Installing the three Venetian blinds inside the many decades old window frames was taking much longer than it should have. I was following the printed instruction sheet to the letter, yet what should have taken only a few minutes was … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day And Me–It’s Complicated

Sometimes I tick the boxes on those Internet quizzes about life. Whenever the question about marital status comes up, I usually click on the option, “It’s Complicated”. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, I realize that most … Continue reading

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