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Take Care Of Nonbusiness

I’ve been a lover of the night for as long as I can remember. As a child, the dark hours positively engaged my imagination. As an adult, the overnight is my work time. I don’t alter the sleep/wake cycle on … Continue reading

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Relax And Ponder

I’ve been working harder than a retiree should. For the most part, the work has not been drudgery, only strenuous. After a week of fixing up the bathroom, then cleaning up the tools and stashing away the leftover supplies, I … Continue reading

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Urgency And Relaxation

I left home for the dentist’s clinic about ten-minutes earlier than usual because the staff might need to issue some paperwork to be completed. A third of the way to the clinic, the railroad crossing signals activated to halt traffic. … Continue reading

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Just Hanging Out

Yesterday afternoon I received the second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. I feel a bit woozy and my back aches. All things considered, I’m OK and feel optimistic about the future. From now on, I’ll be piecing together a … Continue reading

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Loosening Up

A couple of weeks ago, in the post “To Experience”, I reminisced about riding a scary roller coaster. I did not mention in the post that after that ride, my friend Greg later advised me to loosen up. Being uptight … Continue reading

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Tense And Relax

Put me behind the mic in a radio studio, and I will experience a type of relaxation that puts the audience at ease. This was enhanced during community weather emergencies. It’s not just my ego that says this, I heard … Continue reading

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Too Loose, Too Tight

There’s an old pithy tale from South Asian culture regarding balance. It is said that the Lord Buddha once asked a sitar player how he tuned his instrument. The musician replied that if he tunes the strings too loose, no … Continue reading

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