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The Biological Clock

The dream was uplifting and happy; and it seemed to have lasted the entire night. Upon awakening, I checked the smart watch’s sleep app to determine how much REM sleep I’d had because that type of sleep provides our most … Continue reading

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A Sound Dream

I wish my Galaxy smart watch could pinpoint when I go into REM sleep and when non-REM sleep occurs during the night. There are times when my dreams are particularly peculiar; so out of curiosity, I’d like to know when … Continue reading

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The Offensive Automobile

The old car in the YouTube advertisement video triggered a sense of revulsion that chilled me to the bone. The car dealer, “Country Classics” of Staunton, Illinois posts videos that appear in my Facebook feed. The videos feature a different … Continue reading

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Off To Dreamland

I was in the middle of a guided tour of New York City with Charlie Brown this morning, when everything turned for the worse.  We had just finished riding through Midtown Manhattan on our blue, ten-speed bikes when we decided … Continue reading

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