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When I searched the Web to confirm my definition of the word “legacy” is correct, the results prioritized the Subaru Legacy automobile. Such is the corporate power of utilizing search engine algorithms. I smiled at the thought that the legacy of … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Integrity

Today’s commentary will be an act of walking on eggshells and being careful to not be too judgmental. This is made trickier due to the amount of criminality and lack of character that takes place in full view of the … Continue reading

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To write about good character is to enter into one major trap of  bad character–being moralistic. It’s easy to get on one’s high horse and quote scripture and dusty literary tales. We can risk coming off as prigs by attempting … Continue reading

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Be Nice To New Jersey Week

I think it’s kind of a bummer a state feels it must have a Be Nice To Us Week. Apparently, New Jersey, itself, did not originate this special commemoration. I did a little homework and found out that Lone Star … Continue reading

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