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Have Respect

Placing people onto mental pedestals is a common habit amongst us human beings. It comes about, in part, due to society’s hierarchical structure. In a better world, every person would be respected as an individual and nobody would be idolized. … Continue reading

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About Respect

While fiddling around with an old AM only radio yesterday to find out if it still worked, I stumbled across an oldies show. Otis Redding was singing “Respect”. It’s one of my favorite songs–especially the version performed by Aretha Franklin. … Continue reading

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The young man stepped off the curb just as the pickup truck entered the intersection. I honked the horn in my car, hoping to warn one or both about the dire circumstances that seemed imminent. The young man looked up … Continue reading

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With Respect

“These days, trouble is, people just don’t respect the environment anymore.” This is what one woman said to another woman at the public library yesterday. I had been relaxing in one of the library’s upholstered chairs, leafing through a couple … Continue reading

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Have We Forgotten The Golden Rule?

I noticed a fellow grocery shopper perusing the magazine and tabloid cover photos of celebrities and politicians at the supermarket checkout line the other day. He noticed me noticing him, then he said, “There is a Golden Rule: The man … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Integrity

Today’s commentary will be an act of walking on eggshells and being careful to not be too judgmental. This is made trickier due to the amount of criminality and lack of character that takes place in full view of the … Continue reading

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Win With Civility Month

There is some controversy about civility in the United States, or more exactly, the decline of civility. It is well-known that civility and civility are social lubricants that enable us to get along and discuss things better. On the other … Continue reading

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