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A large scrap of packaging tissue paper had become wedged into some thorny bushes at the western edge of my property just within arm’s reach past an old wooden barrier. It had been forced into the shrubbery by gusty northeasterly … Continue reading

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Feeling Lazy

I need to get in another day of laziness before the end of Summer this weekend. After all, the old Nat King Cole hit, “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” extols summertime laziness, doesn’t it? “…Those days of soda and … Continue reading

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My friend Charlie said the clock has a worn escapement and that he will have to find a replacement or fabricate one from a “blank” gear. Charlie is a retired clockmaker/watchmaker. He only works on a few jobs each year. … Continue reading

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Too Loose, Too Tight

There’s an old pithy tale from South Asian culture regarding balance. It is said that the Lord Buddha once asked a sitar player how he tuned his instrument. The musician replied that if he tunes the strings too loose, no … Continue reading

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When we become very tired and in need of rest, it’s time to pause awhile for some sleep. The next time you announce this desire, astonish those around you by quoting Robert Browning. “I have dared and done, for my … Continue reading

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As I sat down to tap out this bluejayblog post this morning, I just sat in my chair with my body and mind in neutral.  I had already chosen my topic so I wanted to just merge into the composition … Continue reading

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