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Luna 24

August 22, 1976 is thought of as the true conclusion of the first Moon Race. It was also the last gasp of the Soviet Union’s lunar program, and the final soft landing on the Moon by any nation in the … Continue reading

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Something About The Baikonur Cosmodrome

Perhaps one of the contributing factors that caused me to become a borderline Russophile is their Space Program.  People like me cut their teeth on forbidden, threatening places like the old Soviet Union.  The deeply arcane, yet highly promoted Soviet … Continue reading

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Lunokhod 2 Transmits Data

The USA vs. Russia space race is more nuanced than many of us realize.  We’re already aware that the big push happened in the 1950s with the public’s learning of the Sputnik satellite program of the USSR.  The Soviet Union … Continue reading

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Luna III

The late 1950s witnessed space exploration superiority by the Soviet Union.  Famously, the first orbital manmade satellite achieved orbit in October of 1957 when Sputnik One made history. A month later, Sputnik Two orbited the Earth with the first animal … Continue reading

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