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There’s a popular meme going around the interwebs that advises us not to worry what people say or think about us. “Don’t give a F***!” While I understand that the gist of this message is aimed at people suffering through … Continue reading

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There are few things as infuriating than finding litter on the yard. At a minimum, each morning, I discover a beer can, or liquor bottle, or fast food packaging. Picking it up has become so routine that I crafted my … Continue reading

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Etiquette Shortage

Traditionally, girls were taught to curtsy and boys were taught to bow. I realize that I’m showing my age, but I wonder how many of my readers remember being taught that point of etiquette at school. In my fourth grade … Continue reading

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National Be Nasty Day

Don’t bother to do a web search beyond what you’ll find on this page for “National Be Nasty Day”. You’ll only find a short paragraph or two explaining that the writer couldn’t find an origin for the holiday plus a … Continue reading

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