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In the large shopping mall, the little boy kept tugging at my sleeve insisting that I buy a beer. “It’s only 50-cents. Please,I want beer.” I repeatedly told him, “No, I cannot buy you a beer.” The boy said, “One … Continue reading

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Russian Language Day

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m making an effort to learn how to speak and write Russian.  This is a long-term project that took a back seat when news of Russia-gate heated up and word of the Chechnya … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

A few months ago, the news that a practical flying car was about to be readied for the public, was released.  The first ones would hit the airstrips in about two years.  I actually spoke aloud, “It’s about time.” Then … Continue reading

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Cat Herding

“To get _______ to _______ is like herding cats.” You can put any unruly category and action in the blanks.  The meme first planted itself in my mind around 1999 or so when I was skimming through comments on a … Continue reading

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