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Safe And Sound

I feel very safe while at home on a calm day sipping a cup of coffee, with my feet resting on an ottoman, while contemplating the boyfriend napping on the sofa. That’s the easy answer to my friend Jorge’s inquiry … Continue reading

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Tune Up Time

Now that we’re at the beginning of a brand new season, it’s time to plan ahead for weather conditions that will become more extreme. This awareness was drilled into me in school by the industrial arts teacher and at home … Continue reading

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Single Tasking

The act of juggling two or more tasks at the same time obtained its own name a few years ago–multi-tasking.  We became proud of how many tasks we could do at one time.  Multi-tasking was greatly encouraged by business managers in their … Continue reading

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Older Driver Safety

One of the disadvantages of living in a rural area, is the lack of mass transit.  In my region, there are no light rail systems nor regular bus services between towns. In order to personally conduct business or to visit … Continue reading

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Be Safe

Conservation programs have been with us for many years. The idea is to protect the loss of natural resources due to natural and human actions.  Have you ever thought that safety programs are also a type of conservation program? In … Continue reading

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The Extreme Weather Survival Manual (Review)

We have arrived at the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere,  I both love and abhor, springtime.  Sure, I love the return of song birds, the budding and flowering of plants, and warmer temperatures.  I dread the return of … Continue reading

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Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Whenever I attend a party, I’m usually the designated driver.  It’s the least I can do for my friends. I’m not trying to be a hero or special, I do it so I can have a clear conscience and sleep peacefully … Continue reading

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