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Dennis was one of the boldest, in your face coworkers I’ve ever known. Dennis was an undergraduate student at Stanford when Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, California hired him as a part-time maintenance staffer. He was an exceptionally curious young … Continue reading

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Pondering Happiness

I stumbled across an old mix-tape last night while searching through a shoe-box full of trinkets and miscellaneous small items. Out of curiosity I popped it into the ghetto blaster. After several songs into the first side, “Kodachrome” by Paul … Continue reading

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While making my bed Monday morning, a thought about an acquaintance popped into my head. Ricardo is someone who used to converse with me nearly every day. Anyway, Ricardo moved to Indiana a couple of years ago, and hasn’t bothered … Continue reading

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Perhaps when you glanced at the title of today’s post you thought that I might offer some tips on how to enhance your psychic skills.  On the other hand, if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you … Continue reading

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Thinking About Record Stores

I used to have a massive collection of vinyl records, so many, that I sometimes worried that their weight might collapse the floor in my little house.  Several years ago I sold most of those record albums to a fellow … Continue reading

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Occupy Alcatraz

Whenever I hear about another “Occupy…” movement taking place, I think about one of my generation’s original “Occupy Actions”. 79 Native Americans boated away from the docks of San Francisco very early on November 20, 1969.  The group was comprised … Continue reading

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A Personal Salute To San José, California

My trusty calendar tells me that today is the anniversary of the day that San José, California was founded.  She’s an old town by American standards.  SJ was founded on this day in 1777 and was dubbed “El Pueblo de … Continue reading

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