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Owls And Larks

Jorge and I stumbled onto the topic of chronotypes this weekend. It all started when he asked if I categorize him as a night owl or an early bird. I said I hadn’t thought of him as either because he … Continue reading

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Thinking About Giants

The images popped up within one of my quirky dream vignettes. I found myself in a hyper-fast spaceship on a collision course with the Sun. The ship veered off at the last moment and ricocheted towards the planet Jupiter. Near … Continue reading

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Dodgers And Giants Move

Although I’m not much of a sports fanatic, there are times when I enjoy watching a Major League Baseball game.  That is, one I attend in person, at the stadium with all the smells, sounds, and fellow fans.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Earlier this summer, Jorge and I were enjoying a televised baseball game between the Giants and the Dodgers.  Los Angeles scored in the first inning when Adrian Gonzalez aided Carl Crawford. There was one out, with a sacrifice fly to … Continue reading

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The Beatles Play Candlestick

I owned most of their records just the same as the vast majority of Beatles fans.  I remember seeing them on teevee a few times. I still recall their first American televised appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show”.  But I … Continue reading

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