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A Few Additions I Have Known

I held the old San Francisco street map and wondered whether or not to completely unfold it because it’s such a pain to refold traditional paper highway maps. I finally decided to open it one fold at a time, then … Continue reading

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Nebraska… The Good Life

When I moved back to Nebraska after several years living elsewhere, I scoffed at the highway signs at the borders proclaiming “Nebraska… The Good Life”. On the face of it, a lot of people think this flyover state is mediocre, … Continue reading

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With Liberty And Justice For All

Near the end of one of my trips back to San Francisco, I purchased a small campaign-style pin at a book store on Castro Street. The simple, inexpensive souvenir became a precious, almost holy artifact from the time I bought … Continue reading

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St. Stupid’s Day

One of the endearing qualities of San Francisco is its culture of eccentricity. Part of the city’s cosmopolitan nature is its embrace of all flavors of humanity. This feature is displayed in its many fun festivals. Today’s celebration demonstrates this … Continue reading

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Souvenirs With Handles …Floral Friday

People throughout time have gone places and carried things back home with them. I imagine that the earliest humans traveled primarily to find food. Later, organized bands of explorers and conquerors engaged in trade and conquest and brought home treasure … Continue reading

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When We Rise (Review)

Cleve Jones writes that his book is not an autobiography, rather it is a memoir.  What an incredible memoir it is. It’s a personal book of memories in which nearly every member of the LGBT community can find something to … Continue reading

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The Emperor Of The United States

Traditionalists decry the City of San Francisco largely due to its historical role of being a haven for non-conformists, free-thinkers, and eccentrics.  There are a lot of us people with personalities like these who would love to live in the … Continue reading

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