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Trash Working

The early morning weather was conducive to taking a coffee break outdoors. The sound level was very quiet with only the occasional semi-truck decelerating in the distance. For most folks, the day had not yet begun. Five or ten minutes … Continue reading

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The Plumbing

As I filled the container with water for coffee from the kitchen sink faucet, I heard a soft tap, tap, tap. I turned off the faucet and the tapping went away. I turned the water back on and the tapping … Continue reading

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Clean Out The Fridge

The refrigerator in my kitchen is a 1977 Coronado, basic model.  The brand was the store label of Gambles/Skogmo, Inc., a now defunct conglomerate of retail stores under various names across the US and Canada. Older midwesterners may remember the … Continue reading

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World Toilet Day

People are uncomfortable and embarrassed about some of our bodily functions and how we manage them. Among the most taboo of these are the process of waste elimination and the toilet. There are several slang expressions for toilet in English. A few that come … Continue reading

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