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Yesterday turned out to be a Monday of Mondays. The day began fine enough–pleasant weather, nice breakfast, and posting to the blog early. I then decided to do some planned yardwork. The shrubbery trimming task went faster than anticipated. The … Continue reading

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More Ramblings About Happiness

“There is no way to happiness–happiness is the way.”–Zen Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh The above quote is written on the refrigerator in whiteboard ink near the door handle so I can see it frequently. This helps to remind me that … Continue reading

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In the dream, I was queued with my friends waiting to be seated at a formal dinner that was being hosted by a royal person of ambiguous status. Our group was soon seated at a very elegant table set with … Continue reading

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Will This Be A Happy Day?

To have a happy day, I usually need to want to have a happy day, but not desire one too much. There is a sweet-spot between feeling meh, and being overly enthusiastic. Some days, regardless of what I wish and … Continue reading

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Discovering Consolation

When I get tired of the critics’ condemnations of the flaws of our civilization I need to close down the Internet and take a slow, leisurely stroll outdoors. The weather doesn’t necessarily need to be calm and sunny to provide … Continue reading

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The Search For Happiness

I posit that the search for happiness is as old as the age of our species and probably older. There’s no doubt that we like to feel contented and happy. I think the search for happiness is probably older than … Continue reading

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Around this time of each year I schedule a meditative evaluation of my levels of discontent. The shift into autumn weather conditions is conducive to this. At first glance, discontent is a state of mind that seems negative, and should … Continue reading

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