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Thinking About Giants

The images popped up within one of my quirky dream vignettes. I found myself in a hyper-fast spaceship on a collision course with the Sun. The ship veered off at the last moment and ricocheted towards the planet Jupiter. Near … Continue reading

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Rings Of Saturn

July 1, 2004 marked an historical first in the exploration of the Solar System. The Saturn Orbital Insertion maneuver took place when the Cassini spacecraft flew through the large gap between Saturn’s F and G rings. The event was the … Continue reading

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Huygens Finds Titan

Tick Tock Tick Tock Titan…  Alliteration is fun to use as a memory aid or just to bring a smile. In this case, the man who invented the mechanism for pendulum regulated time pieces is the same gentleman who discovered … Continue reading

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Humanity has romanticised sunrises and sunsets.  Volumes of stories and poetry have been written regarding mornings and evenings, even afternoons are highly regarded.  But only a handful of literature, plays, movies or even photography about noon come to most folks’ … Continue reading

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