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Jonathan asked, “Why are Martians sometimes imagined as being green?” Taken aback, I flippantly answered, “Maybe their skin contains chlorophyll.” I wondered where Jonathan’s question was leading this time. My friend pressed on. “If sunlight on Mars is less intense … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Anti-Intellectualism (Commentary)

Have you ever wondered why so many people in the West, especially in America, are proud of not knowing science, mathematics, civics, and philosophy? It’s gotten to the point where ignorance of facts has become some sort of virtue. To … Continue reading

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Technopeasant Wretches

Earlier this week, I posted a science fiction related item on this blog, so my radar has been primed for sci-fi related topics.  A huge, hard to ignore blip showed up for today that I couldn’t resist investigating. Today is … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading science fiction since the mid 1960s.  Some of the books and short stories I’ve enjoyed have dealt with the the intersection of sci-fi and the Earth’s climate. This genre has been labeled climate fiction or “cli-fi”. One very … Continue reading

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Thinking About The Future, Then And Now

Even though I enjoy collecting vintage and antique artifacts, the appeal is how innovative were they for their day and age.  Futuristic stuff from the past is endlessly fascinating. I don’t much care for old for the sake of old. … Continue reading

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