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Managing Security

This year has been another doozy in so far as my personal life is concerned. Thankfully it wasn’t as severe as 2020, though. Yet, a romantic breakup this spring along with the deaths of a family member and two friends … Continue reading

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In Alignment

During our happiest moments we might have feelings of gratitude about completion, wholeness, and union. When our actions are in agreement with our values, we are aligned. Most of us only fully realize this idyllic state of mind occasionally, not … Continue reading

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Wave At Surveillance

Last month, I attended a funeral at one of the area Baptist churches.  In my peripheral vision, I noticed one of those small black domes found in department stores, attached to the ceiling of the sanctuary.  While waiting for the … Continue reading

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So Practical

A roommate and I drove to Harlan, Iowa to visit some of his family in 1982. Felix warned me that his uncle was not a very practical man. That is the only fact that I remember about the relative. There is only one … Continue reading

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Thinking About Security

Dad has always been a worrier and the dullness of the nursing home environment provides plenty of opportunities for his mind to indulge in worst case scenarios.  Most of his worries have centered around issues of security.  Now that I’ve … Continue reading

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