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I began smoking tobacco cigarettes in 1972. I struggled with quitting them throughout the ensuing years until I grappled with the lack of resolve to quit smoking 15 years later. As noted in my diary at the time, I smoked … Continue reading

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Settling For The Unacceptable

Whenever we settle for the mundane or the unacceptable, our inner light dims a little more. If we are not narcissistic, it turns out that we’re better than we realize. If we fully understood this, we probably would never settle for anything … Continue reading

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Being Real

“We’re fond of thinking we’re the bee’s knees, aren’t we?” Jonathon’s question was more commentary than query, so I simply flashed my friend a mischievous grin. Without any pre-planning nor consultation with each other, both of us had dressed ourselves … Continue reading

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Compliment Your Mirror

We live in a competitive society. People compete in organized sports, we want the most prestigious career, the biggest SUV, the fanciest house, the most desirable spouse, and the most popularity and fame. I know, this is not big news because … Continue reading

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The most severe case of sunburn I ever suffered came about during playful swimming in the Arabian Sea. Some friends and I spent a day at a semi-deserted beach north of Mumbai, India. Apparently the sea water dissolved the SPF … Continue reading

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Stop Bullying

Bullying and its effects on society have been in the news and social media a lot during the past few years. It seems like the problem has become worse rather than better. Maybe bullying seems like more of a problem … Continue reading

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To Become

After awhile a person just needs to toss the self-help books and programs aside.  So, I did.  I had shelves full of books. There was a stack of cassette tapes and CDs.  I was awash in pop psychology, auto-hypnosis and … Continue reading

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