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See Yourself

I stumbled across the old, informal portrait last week while culling duplicate photographs and postcards from an archive box. The portrait was shot by my ex boyfriend during a short vacation to South Dakota. He was astonished that I had … Continue reading

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“I’ve always had difficulty with self-examination.” I made that statement during a walk with my friend Jonathan. There always seemed to be some anguish along with very little self-congratulation involved. Yet introspection seems to have always been present in my … Continue reading

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“Hmm, not really hot; not the smartest guy around; not actually funny; not always that nice. Oh well, I can live with that dude in the mirror anyway” I say something like this to myself sometimes when the introspection bug … Continue reading

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A family elder once remarked that it is essential that people should make a habit of self-examination and self-criticism; being careful to be aware of our fantasies of fame and fortune along with other mental distractions. My great-uncle seemed like … Continue reading

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Evaluate, Evaluate

A couple of weeks ago, my Giants ended the regular season with a loss to arch-rival Dodgers. It was a bitter-sweet day for coach Bruce Bochy because it was also his last game of his two-and-a-half-decades long baseball career. Sports … Continue reading

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The Checklist

I turned sixty-six last month. Around the time of that event and afterwards, I’ve been experiencing some sort of wake-up calls about mortality. I’ve always known intellectually that life on this planet is impermanent. I’ve also done countless meditations on mortality … Continue reading

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