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Someone Else?

Soon after I began investigating self-help books, I wondered what and how much can I change and remain being myself. There is always the risk of rejecting oneself, in favor of an idealized mental fantasy about how one is “supposed” … Continue reading

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I had originally planned to write about auto insurance for today’s blog post, but I shelved that idea in favor of another topic. This is just as or more important than insuring your vehicle. There is a different, older type … Continue reading

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As we age, it’s easy to surrender to default behavior patterns. At least this has been true for me.  To counter this tendency, medical and mental health  professionals recommend self-care. Of course, we recognize that this does not mean do … Continue reading

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I had been half listening to an interview on the radio during a long drive the other day. The guest advocated cultivating an attitude of gratitude in order to attract more good things into ones life. Soon, I began to … Continue reading

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Subliminal Communication Month

It was probably around 1983 that I turned to subliminal messaging audiotapes to help me stop smoking cigarettes. I had tried other techniques, including quitting “cold turkey”, but I couldn’t make it through longer than a few hours without a … Continue reading

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Self-Improvement Day

The Charles Atlas advertisement appeared in nearly every comic book I owned. I wanted to send a dime to the company for their brochure, but my parents didn’t allow that. Even though I still came across his ads in “Boys Life” and other … Continue reading

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Magnificent Desolation (Review)

In one way, astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s second autobiography, Magnificent Desolation, is like the tone poem by Richard Strauss, “Also Sprach Zarathustra”.  The first portion builds up to a dizzying climax and then settles into standard fare.  The “theme” to the … Continue reading

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