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One of the practices I idealized at a young age and have continually tried to nurture relates to social progress. That is: a person cannot seek improvement only for oneself and forget about encouraging it in my community and elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Someone Else?

Soon after I began investigating self-help books, I wondered what and how much can I change and remain being myself. There is always the risk of rejecting oneself, in favor of an idealized mental fantasy about how one is “supposed” … Continue reading

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A family elder once remarked that it is essential that people should make a habit of self-examination and self-criticism; being careful to be aware of our fantasies of fame and fortune along with other mental distractions. My great-uncle seemed like … Continue reading

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Regarding Role Models

One of the people I helped orient and train at work called to chat. The former coworker who had named his child after me wanted to converse as friends. Dave’s kid had graduated high school and had decided to attend … Continue reading

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